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Game Description

King Kong's original name was "Donkey Kong". Japanese and Chinese names of "King Kong" is a transliteration. "Gang" (Kong) from the name of the Hollywood film "King Kong" in the gorilla in 1933. "Daikin" English "Donkey" transliteration, the original meaning of the word is "ass" or "ass." During his visit in 2001 E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo, the Donkey Kong creator Shigeru Miyamoto said he called the "donkey" (donkey) and "stupid" (stupid) confused, he thought the American players will immediately "King Kong" as "stupid ape." As for the fugue's translation of "Mori just," according to the development of the members said: "With the combination of translation and transliteration way, this is a gorilla living in the tropical jungle, carefree, mighty, its personality foolish the simple-minded, foolish, 'Mori' word fully reflect its character, and 'just' are mainly transliteration choice, also contains the power of rhyme intended. "