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Game Description

"Final Fantasy 3" is the famous RPG game "Final Fantasy" series of the third film, before the game is released on multiple platforms FC, DS, etc., the game's music and picture performance appreciated by the majority of players, and now this classic works will release the PC version, so that PC gamers can enjoy the charm.

PC version of "Final Fantasy 3" will join the Steam platform-specific trading cards and achievements, while Job Mastery Card visual effects will also be redone. The official also said that the PC version will add a new storyline and new 3D effects.

The 1990 masterpiece was the first million selling series of works, followed in 2007 and finally left the Japanese mainland in the form of landing DS remake European markets. This time the work again in a million copies sold worldwide sales. Light and Dark Crystal Story: the old man quietly talking right ...... even if the family is to contain the root of the world's Crystal Light pulled into deep underground to produce a major earthquake Monster's nothing but a harbinger of it ...... and it will be negligible compared to the advent of the things that will be coming ...... is huge, far-reaching, dark sad ...... but still there is a glimmer of hope ...... four souls will receive revelation of light, everything from where to start ......