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Game Description

FC version of Journey to the West Hikaru ancient Chinese myth of Japanese novel "Journey to the West" in the design of some of the characters tend ACT material adapted type of game ARPG game, plot and style, while serious players in mind do not meet China's Journey to the West, If we ignore the story, however, as it is purely a game to play, it will find its bright spot of. However, the bright spot is not so easy to find, because this game difficult, but some rogue enemy attack, the slightest mistake will attack the protagonist unlimited flexor dead, while in other times and the Journey to the West FC Hikaru together cards games like Contra, pool a class because simply easy to use, so Journey Hikaru only bright spot is not easy to be found, and there might have been considered a very poor game. Of course, the actual situation is not so pessimistic, is where to put the gold will shine, then some time in the game room observation I found before, or someone always stood popular Contra series, Super Mario series, excited ninja turtles series, water and other FC Contra game does not play, play FC specialized version of Journey to the West Hikaru .

Estimated that there are many Japanese do not understand people who do not understand the story and the same number of years ago I would eventually turn out to save people who look as Guanyin Bodhisattva sister, in fact, it is the Tripitaka.

The game's story is very simple, Sanzo and ten monks were abducted cattle devil, Wukong in the Buddha's instructions with the help of a lot of demons on overthrown, has rescued ten monks, and finally defeated the Bull Demon banana hole , rescued Sanzo.