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DEAD TRIGGER Size:156 Category: FPS Version:world Language:English Download: Release:10/23/2014 2:14:55 AM Format:apk Applicable:Android 2.3.3 above Download Charges:免费

Game Description

"Death trigger DEAD TRIGGER" is from "Shadow of the Gun" (Shadowgun) developer Madfinger Games latest development of a FPS game. This made inherited the "shadow of the gun," the high quality of the game screen, use the engine to create unity, players need to use a variety of weapons in the game to defeat the monsters constantly attacking zombies. Game equipped with a sophisticated "dismemberment system" to encourage players to be creative to kill zombies, such as a laser qiang headshot, broken hand with an ax, etc., although it would seem more bloody. Moreover, Madfinger Games also announced that will launch the associated online services and DLC, including new tasks, weapons, characters and other downloads. The player can also connect to the server, see your game score ranking and so on.
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