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ShipBreaker Size:30 Category: Action Version:World Language:English Download: Release:11/23/2014 8:03:25 PM Format:apk Applicable:Android 2.2 and up Download Charges:Free

Game Description

On this warm summer night Jack was sleeping peacefully in his bed, when a laser beam scanned his room. A few minutes later he was floating through his window, taken by mean aliens.
He wakes up in a medical research lab on a UFO. Eventually he can manage to escape, but he has to fight the aliens coming toward him in droves. 
Help him to find his way home!
ShipBreaker is an amazing sidescroller game with:
- Lots of fun 
- Beautiful graphics 
- Outstanding sound and music 
- Dozens of upgrades and bonuses. 
- Leaderboards 
- Dozens of levels 
- Increasing difficulty
Touch the screen to jump 
Double tap the screen to change gravity 
Go as far as you can
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