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Beetle adventure racing(J) Size:12 Category: Racing Version:JPN Language:English Download: Release:11/28/2014 7:14:28 PM Format:apk Applicable:Android 2.3.1 above Download Charges:Free

Game Description

Beetle Adventure Racing! is a racing game released for the Nintendo 64 developed by Paradigm Entertainment. This is a different kind of racing game, as all of the vehicles are Volkswagen New Beetles, which were released the previous year.

Beetle Adventure Racing supports up to four players. Two player races can be held in any of the tracks, provided they have been unlocked in the single player championship. Two to four players can also take part in the "Beetle Battle" mode, in which players compete to collect six differently colored ladybugs (HSV pendants in HSV Adventure Racing), attempt to destroy the other competitors, and race for the exit once all the ladybugs are collected.`