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Castlevania(E) Size:9 Category: Action Version:EU Language:English,French,German Download: Release:11/29/2014 6:35:46 AM Format:apk Applicable:Android 2.3.1 above Download Charges:Free

Game Description

The earliest games borrowed source material from motifs in iconic horror cinema and other monsters from the Universal Horror and Hammer era of films. Examples include werewolves, Frankenstein's Monster, The Mummy, Medusa, The Grim Reaper and Count Dracula himself. The earlier games paid homage to these films. The staff roll of the original Castlevania mentioned parody names modeled after famous people associated with the horror genre, such as "Vram Stoker" – a play on Bram Stoker, writer of the original Dracula novel. Later games also include many monsters from mythological sources.