Eagle Gamepad
The Eagle App specially designed for mobile users is available on all platforms for maximum configurability; collect all kinds of Android games, Emulator games, TV games, PSP and Arcade games to free download!

APK V1.1.0 updated introductions (update time: 2015-7-29
1.Solved the Bug that my games can’t be loaded dynamically.
2.Solved the UI focus problems that can’t support gamepad.
3.Added function of installing and uncompressing automatically instead of manually when starting games.
4.Added to show games downloading status, direct dynamic displayed in the master control, it’s easy to check.
5.Added to show games downloading or downloaded status in mobile phone notification bar.
6.Games downloading path directly default installed to SD card, which support coexistence of the two SD cards.
7.Added a window about Eagle gamepad operation details.
8.Solved the problem that corresponding cache files deleted when deleted downloaded files.
9.Added APK auto installation function, if the mobile phone memory is full, which will be automatically installed to the SD card.
10.Optimized the content of APK.
11.Optimized APK to be more fluency.  

IOS V1.3.3 updated introductions( Updated time: 2015-06-08)
1. Add My Favorite.
2. Fix Bug. Delete Game: deselect Game also delete game.
3. Fix Bug. remove Favorite Game also show in my game ->Favorite.
4. Fix Bug. remove Favorite Game cause crash.